Welcoming our new Ambassador from Kolkata, India.

Kolkata, India:-

Good news Kolkata, India! We are proud to team up with Mr. Sumit Agarwal to lead our operations and create a robust community in Kolkata, India. With him, in our team, we will create engagement events. mentor and investor network from the city and help our members to connect locally and globally. Considering his background and the story we are really excited to work with him.

About Sumit Agarwal:-

Sumit Agarwal is a successful disabled entrepreneur in the field of Public Relations, and he is also an integral member of many esteemed local and national organizations. He has founded Indian Disabled Entrepreneurs Forum with the aim to uplift all disabled persons equally and provide them with a platform to achieve their dreams with the appropriate respect they deserve. His numerous social and business connections have helped him gain the right path towards achieving his goal, and he engages in various projects targeted towards eradicating the boundaries for disabled persons in India

Having faced numerous adversities himself, Sumit Agarwal has used his journey of rising above it despite living with Cerebral Palsy, to inspire others to achieve their life goals and dreams. He targets uplifting and motivating other disabled persons to venture out into the entrepreneurship world and live what their heart desires, rather than be bound by society’s limitations. His motivational speeches are targeted not only for the disabled persons themselves but also for other activists who are fighting for the same cause, to achieve equality.

Sumit Agarwal has risen to operate a successful Public Relations company with its roots in the heart of Kolkata’s business community. His company – PR Signal, has gained mass popularity over the years and his work shines with exclusive clients from across the country. His workshops and talks regarding Public Relations touch upon the importance of it for any company, corporate or individual, and how a suitable plan can be sculpted according to the requirements of various projects and goals, to achieve success.


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